Sep 26

A brand new ice skating rink has opened in Paphos!

Those who enjoy ice skating in Paphos, will now have the opportunity to experience the sport all year long, as a brand new ice skating rink has been opened for the very  first time.
The ice skating rink, is the design of Vangelis Mavronicolas, an businessman and architectural engineer in Paphos. The rink is 150 square metres, and is based in Kato Paphos’ Old Carob store Haroupomylos.
Previously, ice skaters from Paphos would go to the temporary rink, that was set up in the gardens at the town last winter, and at other times of the year, they would have to travel all the way to the  rink in Limassol.
Mavronicolas, 49, said in an interview, he got the idea from seeing his daughter’s enjoyment in the sport.

The area is over 1000 square metres, the complex also boast changing rooms, cafeteria, and a rental spot for skates along the rink.
“Took only three months to build….I’m an architect, so I’m used to moving quickly,” Mavronicolas said.
The ice skating rink will be open all throughout the year, and will be opened in the week from Wednesday to Sunday.
Six people work at the new ice skating rink, and two of them are well experienced skating teachers, and they are on hand in order to teach everyone how to skate.
Skates are available in all sizes to rent, plus a blade-sharpening service is also offered, to allow people to maintain their skates.
Mavronicolas hasn’t  tried out the new rink yet, but he is intending to “have a go” in the future.
In addition to all this, there is a fibreglass dolphin, which helps skaters of all ages, as it is designed to help with the balance., helpful ‘bob skates’ is available for children from the age of two to three years.
The new ice rink has been welcomed by Paphos officials, including the Mayor of Paphos Savvas Vergas who said the ice skating rink is a great addition to Paphos.
The opening hours is Wednesday to Friday, is from 3pm till 9pm, Saturdays is 11am to 11pm and Sundays is 3pm to 9pm. The Skates can be hired for 4 euros, (€2 for bob skates); and having one hour on the ice will cost you €4.

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